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FAQ - Public Housing Communities

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am interested in joining a Public Housing Community, what steps should I take?
Fill the pre-application and mark Devlin Place and/or Village '76 as your selected program.  Return the completed pre-application to our office (a completed pre-application will place you on our waiting list).  Also fill out an application, which must be accompanied by Social Security Cards and Birth Certificates for every member of the household.

What things are considered income?
Wages, Child Support, Social Security, TANF, Pensions, Disability Payments, Interest from Savings, stocks, IRA's, CD's, Unemployment benefits, College Grants.

How do I know if I meet the definition of disabled?
If you are currently receiving SSA or SSI our agency considers you disabled.  If you do not receive SSA or SSI, but feel you are disabled, please notify our agency.  We will send a form with two legal definitions of disabled to your doctor to sign and verify that he believes you to be disabled.

What are the income guidelines for 2009?
 Family Size
 Income Limit
 1 $26,400
 2 $30,150
 3 $33,900
 4 $37,700
 5 $40,700
 6 $43,700