About Us

Our Public Housing Authority

The Kirksville Housing Authority is happy to be an agency working in collaboration with the City of Kirksville.  We have been serving the Kirksville community since 1976.

Our Goals

  • Assist people who are in need of basic housing creating a stable environment for them to become self-sufficient.
  • Promote family self-sufficiency by assisting people in developing their innate skills through a sense of community.
  • Advocate "Aging in Place" for our elderly residents through a network of service providers.
  • Facilitate resident and community participation in the process of improving current facilities and resources.
  • Explore the unmet housing needs of the Kirksville community and find solutions to meet current and future needs through a systematic process of growth.

What's New?

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The Board of Commissioners

The Housing Authority's Board of Commissioners meets monthly on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30am at the board room located at 100 Valley Forge Drive, Kirksville, MO 63501.  Additional attendees must inform Patti Preston, Secretary and Executive Director.  The board consists of:

  • Chairman John Gillum
  • Co-Chairperson Sophia Korellas
  • Ed Carpenter
  • Pam Windtberg
  • Bill Lovegreen

(Updated 07/14/2017)